The Pros and Cons of FTL (Full Truck Load) Shipping

October 30th, 2018 | in Shipping Articles

FTL Shipping

Full Truck Load shipping is a great option if you have high valued cargo. FTL shipping means that your shipment will have a dedicated truck that contains only what you are shipping. Because of this, though, FTL shipments can cost considerably more than LTL shipments.

FTL shipments are best suited to handling sensitive or high cost cargo, as there is as little as possible handling of the shipments.

Pros of FTL Shipping

Some of the pros of FTL shipping include:

  • Reduced handling times
  • Delivery more timely than other delivery types
  • Can be more cost effective if you have many pallets to ship
  • More accurate and quicker rate quotes when shopping around and comparing carriers

Cons of FTL Shipping

Some of the cons of FTL shipping include:

  • Higher cost shipments, especially when there are only 1 or 2 pallets
  • Carriers may not be be able to provide value added services such as handling
  • Limited flexibility for cargo movement
  • No opportunity for smaller volume shipments

When looking at shipment options, Full Truck Load shipments may be a great choice for high value shipments, or those that need to be delivered as quickly as possible. Weigh the pros and cons of FTL shipping before making a decision on what type of shipment works best for your product.


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