Frequently Asked Questions

Does QFS Offer Expedited Services?

YES! When you need to transport freight quickly, QFS turns to a vetted network of expedited and team carriers, available to us at a moment’s notice to pick up your load and get it to the destination it is going to.

What is a Third Party Logistics (3PL) Service?

An outsourced service provided by a company that specializes in transporting, warehousing and scheduling of the delivery of goods owned by others. The 3PL provider takes physical possession of goods to be delivered, arranges the appropriate delivery method or mode of transportation, arranges schedules and handles all operational tasks associated with the delivery process. These services may be provided on a one-time or ongoing basis.

Can QFS Handle High Value & High Risk Products?

We have the capacity and experience to provide the right and secure transport for high-value freight, from electronics to beverages. This includes alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Does QFS Offer Cross-Border Solutions?

We provide service all across North America. Our multilingual cross-border teams arrange cross-border transportation for hazmat, private fleet, dedicated, and more, plus we have relationships with C-TPAT-certified carriers.

What is the QFS Service Area?

All of North America

What is a Dry Van?

Dry Van Carriers specifically work on loads requiring dry van trailers. No matter the product you’re shipping, from paper and metals to retail supplies and food. Our dry van teams finds dry van carriers that meet your shipping standards.

What Types of Deliveries Can You Do?

QFS provides ground transportation via any size truck and can coordinate air freight delivery and pick-up services. Our company can handle most types of parcels, parts, components and shipments that are classified as non-hazardous and non-flammable.

What Industries Benefit From 3PL Services?

Most companies that have daily needs, or infrequent needs, for the delivery of their products can benefit from third party logistics. We routinely work with companies that manufacture or distribute automotive parts, furniture, office supplies, paint, building supplies, packaged goods, produce and industrial supplies.

Will I Lose Control of My Logistics?

No. Our GPS tracking allows us to know exactly where your shipments are while enroute, our monthly reporting is very detailed, and our phones are answered by a live person in our office to quickly handle any question or inquiry.

What Types of Goods can QFS Handle?

QFS provides truckload & LTL service for: dry van, temperature-controlled, open-deck, and more, via a network of more than 30,000 carriers across the United States and Canada.

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